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Month:     August
Date:        8/27/2017
Chair:       Rev. Marie Phillips
Speaker: Guest Rev. Kathy Gallmore

Month:     September
Date:        9/3/2017
Chair:       Rev. Barbara Yarnell
Speaker:  Willis Brown

Classes, Events and Workshops for September

September 3: Social Media - Sharing with Lisa Argo

September 8: Women of Enlightenment Support Group on Trigger Words

September 9: Sacred Rituals with Rev. Kathleena

September 12 & 26: Choir Practice with Rev. Kathleen Hellenberg

September 14 & 28: Life Between Lives with Rev. Barbara

September 15: Meditating with the Angels with Rev. Marie Phillips

September 28: Arise Spiritual Retreat Lecture on Contact your Higher Self for Love,

Strength and Wisdom with Chrissie Blaze

September's Blog

Sunday Services:   Healing Service 10:00am   Worship Service 10:30am

Month:     September
Date:        9/10/2017
Chair:       Rev. Kathleena Katona
Speaker:  Rev. Marie Phillips

The year of 2017 is our declared year of

Universal Oneness.

It is a year for new beginnings. It will be filled with wonder and excitement. Praise God for giving us such a wonderful place and loving people to worship, heal, learn and develop. Know that we are always here for you as we, together, walk our path of enlightenment.

                                 The Ministers of The Center of Enlightenment

Center of Enlightenment  2724 Goodrich Ave, Ferndale, MI 48220