March 9, 2018

Patty Shaw, Reiki Master, author, and co-owner of the Candle Wick Shoppe, shared her knowledge and experience in energy healing. She spoke about Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Divine Direct Light Healing. Below are her notes from the event. Please ask permission to copy or use. 

What do we mean by energy?
     1. The rate something is vibrating
     2. Something that can be changed but never destroyed

Names of energy we use in our energy healing work
     1. Love – light carrying the god consciousness of love
     2. Universal life force – the kind of energy channeled in Reiki, vibrates very fast, faster than prana. Is often compared to unconditional love and raises the vibration of everything it comes in contact with. Often seen as purple, white and gold.
     3. Prana – the kind of energy used in Pranic Healing – globules are of combined ether (spirit substance), air and light. Air prana (received through breathing), ground prana (received by walking on the ground), solar prana (received through sitting in the sun). The molecules are larger and are a slower vibration. This makes it easier for the physical body and the chakras to absorb then and use them. Seen as all the colors of the chakras plus more.
     4. Light – the vehicle for delivering god consciousness from heaven to earth. We need help from the hierarchy of the angels and archangels or holy-ones to prepare the light for us so we can assimilate it. Seen in all the colors of the rainbow plus more.

Terms we often use:
Energy healing – the act of calling in energy that vibrates at higher rate so the denser and stagnant energy found in the physical body, auric field and chakras can be uplifted, transmuted or released.
Heal – to cause a symptom or set of symptoms to be relieved. To cure. To make a permanent change for the better.
Energy Healer – a person who assists the flow of energy that affects positive change. They are able to follow intuition, inspiration from angels, holy ones, spirit guides, and god for the benefit of themselves or others.
Calling in – an act of prayer, or intention on behalf of our self or someone else of energy to be given or down rayed to improve the quality of the energy in and around us.
Transmuted – the atoms of lower vibrating energy or atoms void of light is filled again with light. It has been filled with God consciousness again. It now is helpful rather than hurtful. Atoms void of light are destructive because they don’t have any directions from the god consciousness.
Intention – a directed thought
Prayer – a request for help

To read more view the document at this link: WoE Patty Shaw 032018.PDF

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CoE's Women of Enlightenment

April 13, 2018

Patty Shaw, Reiki Master, author, and co-owner of the Candle Wick Shoppe, came back to put into practice what she spoke about last month. Everyone was treated to a wonderful healing. Thank you Patty. ​