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Our Committees

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Join one of our committees to express your committment to CoE. 
We learn, communicate, and continue to thrive with our committee efforts. 

​​​​List of CoE Committees

Bereavement Committee:  Our Bereavement Committee communicates with our members in times of transitions of family members or loved ones. It it chaired by two ministers, Rev. Carol Willis and Rev. Marie Phillips. There are a number of ways to help this committee with cards, time, and knitting.
RevCarol@coechurch.org or RevMarie@coechurch.org

Building Committee:  This committee works on the maintenance and improvements of our church property.  Rev. David Shaw is the facilitator the this committee.

email: RevDavid@coechurch.org.

Choir:  Our Choir, or Music Committee, is led by Rev. Kathleen Hellenberg. They practice the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. of each month for specific services. It is not necessary to read sheet music, only to want to share the love of song. 

Decorating Committee:  It is this committee's job to decorate the sanctuary and Fellowship Hall for each season, along with each special holiday.  Thank you, Letia and Trieste!

Education Committee:  Our Education Committee, chaired by Rev. Keith Norton, is always working to make sure our classes, seminars, and workshops are of the highest quality and offer personal and spiritual growth.

Garden Committee:  Our garden committee is led by Patty Shaw, wife of Rev. David Shaw and Landscape Designer from MSU. Our grounds include the Sunflower (the symbol of Spiritualism), the Iris, a tree brought back from a lightning strike by a drumming group, and a variety of flowers that bloom throughout the Spring, Summer, and Autumn seasons.

Membership Committee:​  This committee  strives to keep  our membership growing and information flowing. Rev. David Shaw chairs this committee. They work hard on professionalism and continuity. 

Newsletter / PR Committee:  Our in-house Newsletter was diligently created and maintained by one of our Senior Ministers and now is chaired by Lisa Argo and includes a speaker calendar, classes, events and workshops, articles, and future information.