Gina Hampton

Rev. David Shaw is our most recent ordained minister, and we are blessed to have his light, laughter, and knowledge. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Our Guest Speakers

Rev. Kathleen Hellenberg is our choir director and has been a member, along with her husband Gregory, for a number of years. 

Spirituality and Healing Power of Music


Rev. Keith Norton

Lisa Kay Argo

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Rev. David Shaw

Rev. Kathleen Hellenberg

Audrey Salas

Sunday Services

Each Sunday our ministers, members and guest speakers come to the Center of Enlightenment to share their experiences, talk on Spiritualism and Metaphysics, and what their life path means to them.
Join us here as we share selected Sunday morning sermons.

Patty Shaw

Gina Hampton is a second generation Center of Enlightenment member. Her mother was a member here and know Gina is following in her footsteps. She is retired from a company that she built from the ground up and is studying at CoE in the Ministerial Program.

Love and Kindness Meditation

Lisa is a teacher, nanny, and writer. She is also a student working toward her ordination path. 


Pop Quiz

Audrey came to Center of Enlightenment a few years ago, and we are blessed by her addition to our family. 

Gift of Anger

Patty Shaw is an author, local business owner, and wife to CoE Minister Rev. David Shaw. She has contributed many times to our enlightenment.


The Lords Prayer


Right Thinking Right Action

Rev. Keith Norton is a minister here at Center of Enlightenment, was married to his wife, Fiona, here at CoE, and has a Nature Therapy group that has helped a number of people. He also is a talented Nature Photographer.

Lessons from a Tree

March 31, 2019, Modern Spiritualist Anniversary

10 Things