The Objects of Spiritualism

To teach the truths and principles expressed in the Declaration of Principles and in the Definitions of "Spiritualism," "A Spiritualist", "A Medium" and "A Spiritualist Healer" as adopted by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches of the United States of America;

To teach and proclaim the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Modern Spiritualism;

To encourage lectures on all subjects pertaining to the spiritual and secular welfare of humanity;

To protest against every attempt to compel humanity to worship God in any particular or prescribed manner;

To advocate and promote spiritual healing, and to protect and encourage Spiritualist teachers and mediums in all laudable efforts in giving evidence of proof to humanity of a continued intercourse and relationship between the living and the so-called dead;

To encourage every person in holding present beliefs always open to restatement as growing thought and investigation reveal understanding of new truths thereby, leaving every individual free to follow the dictates of reason and conscience in spiritual as in secular affairs.

Center of Enlightenment  2724 Goodrich Ave, Ferndale, MI 48220

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Sunday Service Speakers

Each Sunday our speakers change from our own ministers, guest ministers, authors, musicians, members and those within the Spiritual and metaphysical fields.

Some of the speakers have provided us with their presentations and/or have given us approval to share with you. Please, these Sermons are for viewing only. The speakers must be contacted if you would like to use all or any portion of the presentations. Thank you.



Hope: Patty Shaw (Power Point Presentation)

February 2017

Strength: Rev. Keith Norton (PDF Document)

Surviving: Lisa Argo (See Video)

March 2017
Rev. Marie Phillips (Ordination)
3/26  Bridget Morris and Meg

April 2017
4/2    Rev. Keith Norton
4/9    Rev. Kathleena Katona

4/14  Rev. Ken Nowaczewski (Good Friday)
4/16  Rev. Ken Nowaczewski (Easter Sunday)
4/23  Rev. Carol Willis

4/30  Rev. Marie Phillips

May 2017

5/7   David Shaw

5/14  Rev. Barbara Yarnell

5/21  Anthony Nucci

5/28  Marcia Alther

June 2017
6/4    Author Weam Namou
6/11  Rev. Charles Klepadlo
6/18  Rev. in Training David Shaw
6/25  Rev. Barbara Yarnell

July 2017

7/2     Molly Ligenza
7/9     Rev. Kathleen Hellenberg
7/16   Rev. Ken Nowaczewski
7/23   Rev. Mike Comito
7/30   Rev. Elizabeth Brown

August 2017
8/6    David Shaw
8/13  Audrey Sales
8/20  Lisa Argo
8/27  Guest Rev. Kathy Gallmore

September 2017
9/3      Willis Brown
Rev. Marie Phillips
Patty Shaw
   Lisa Kay Argo