Our Silent Healing Services

We start our Sunday with a meditative healing service at 10:00 a.m. with our Center of Enlightenment Certified Healers. We place comfortable stools for each sitter, and our healers welcome you for a Spiritual Healing.​

Our Worship Services

Our Worship Service beginning at 10:30 a.m. is conducted by our Ministerial Staff and includes humor, inspirational readings, and teachings with music chosen to enhance the message of the sermon.

Our speakers come from our ministerial staff, our members, and from the Spiritual and Metaphysical community around us.

Our April Schedule for Chairs and Speakers at CoE is:

 4/1   Rev. Marie Phillips / Rev. Ken Nowaczewski (Easter Sunday)

4/8    Rev. Keith Norton / Rev. Marie Phillips

4/15 Rev. David Shaw / Rev. Ken Nowaczewski (Members Celebration / Fellowship Potluck)

4/22 Rev. Ken Nowaczewskki / Andy Tucker (Membership Board of Directors Meeting)

4/29 Rev. Carol Willis / Rev. David Shaw

Spirit Communication is also part of our services and these are brought by our Ministers, CoE Certified Mediums, and select Guest Speakers. 

Services at Center of Enlightenment

for your spiritual upliftment