For many years, I was in search of a church that felt right, and once I entered the sanctuary of the Center of Enlightenment in 2006, I knew this was the place for me.  Over the years, I’ve served on the Board of Directors in many roles, serving as a Trustee, Vice President, and President.    The Center of Enlightenment is and always has been a special place to our family, as Fiona and I were married in this very church in 2009. 

In February 2016, I was ordained as a Minister at the Center of Enlightenment.  In 2020, I was appointed as Senior Minister by Rev. Ken Nowaczewski.  

I am so truly honored to be part of such an awesome ministerial staff.  Over the past several years, the people that attend C.O.E have become our extended family, and I look forward to serving our church and our congregants for many, many years. 


Our Center of Enlightenment Ministers

Rev. Keith Norton

Senior Minister
For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a connection to the spirit world.  Some of my earliest memories of being a child include seeing and hearing people that were from beyond.  Some people call them ghosts or spirits, but to me, it was a normal part of life.   It was these experiences that made me want to learn more about this unseen world.  As a young child, I used to spend hours reading all I could on the spirit world, and the more I read, the more fascinated I became in learning about it, including, mediumship and Spiritualism. ​​

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