Hello everyone.
Thank you, Rev. Carol for inviting me back to speak at the Center of Enlightenment.

Special thanks to Rev Barbara. She inspired today’s talk.
For the last six months I’ve been deeply involved in creating candles and sprays to support our seven major chakras. When Barbara lead us through the Lord’s Prayer and aligned each line with a chakra, I had to know more. Light bulb!

As you know, the Lord’s Prayer is found in Luke 11. The rest of the story can be found in the writings from the sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce. His works showed me that the Lord’s Prayer does indeed clear and balance our chakras. And, yet he taught me more!

I also added my own insights I’ve been learning from my metaphysical bible and Kabbalah studies. To read the bible from a metaphysical view point is eye opening to say the least. With each class my mind expands, and sometimes is blown. The Kabbalah is the study of Jewish mysticism and it is represented by the tree of life. There are 10 spheres on the tree and each represents a facet of growth and development of our soul. The spheres on the tree overlay the body and correspond with the chakras.

Every time we say the Lord’s Prayer a blessing in the form of energy, which I like to refer to as light floods the chakras, but it was Edgar Cayce, who showed us how the light activates the health of the physical body.

In his writings, he calls the chakras, spiritual centers and he shared that there is an endocrine gland connected with each major chakra. Our endocrine system is extremely powerful. Powerful enough to give Edgar the impression that each gland contains consciousness and the individual glands are regulated by impulses or the guiding force of this consciousness.

I can see that because the endocrine glands not only makes the hormones, it controls their distribution. These hormones do an extraordinary amount of work to keep us alive and well. They also influence the way we think & feel, and our ability to respond to outside stimuli. And, consciousness comes in the form of spiritual light.

While Edgar acknowledges that others believe the light comes from within the body, he suggest it really comes from outside the body as a spiritual energy from God. This is why he was able to connect the Lord’s Prayer with our chakras and endocrine system.

To put it all together Edgar saw a relationship between the endocrine glands in the body, the spiritual centers which contain consciousness and the lines from the Lord’s Prayer found in Luke 11. The words are a request for light, a blessing which brings divine intelligence which governs our body, mind and soul.

Just as Rev. Barbara led us through the Lord’s Prayer and connected each line to a chakra, let’s go through it again and add the endocrine system and the spheres of the kabbalah. You will see yourself what Edgar saw.

Our Father, which art in heaven
This line correlates with the 3rd Eye, our 6th chakra and its color is indigo. Indigo resonates to the consciousness of spiritual strength. This powerful light helps us through our challenges. The endocrine gland is the pineal. Its function is to secrete melatonin and regulates the pituitary gland. It is considered the biological clock and tells our brain when it’s day and night. It is also the receiving station for divine thought and the seat of our clairvoyant gift.

I see this line as an affirmation that our true parents are divine and created this world, our bodies and souls. When we look at the tree of life from the Kabbalah, the 3rd Eye is the combination of the energy from Binah the mother god and Chokmah the father god. These two spheres are at each side of our head.

Hallowed be thy name
This line correlates with the Crown Chakra, our 7th chakra and its color is violet. Violet vibrates with the consciousness of serenity. It quiets the mind and relaxes our nervous system. The endocrine gland is the pituitary and is called the master gland. It secretes the hormones that maintain the health of our reproductive organs. It insures the correct timing of everything for making healthy babies.

As we are made in God’s image, we are also creators. What will we create? This line of the Lord’s Prayer asks us to be like God and create paradise and stay in harmony with the universe. On the tree of life, the crown chakra lines up with Kether, the sphere of enlightenment, but always the beginning of something new.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven
This line correlates with our Throat Chakra, our 5th chakra and its color is blue. Blue vibrates with the consciousness of healing and restoration. The blue ray also brings determination and awakens our gifts and talents.

The endocrine gland is the thyroid/parathyroid. The thyroid gland secretes hormones that regulate our energy levels. Not enough of this hormone causes us to feel tired and gain weight, too much of this hormone causes us to develop enlarged eyes and throat, and suffer with insomnia. The parathyroid secretes a hormone that keeps our bones healthy by making sure calcium and phosphate goes from our blood into our bones. Not enough of this hormone, our bones get brittle, and we experience muscle cramps.

The spoken word is the first step in creation. What is said, comes into being when it is backed by will. We can create heaven on earth by what we say and how we say it (with passion). On the tree of life this chakra is the combined energy of Geburah, discernment and understanding, and Chesed, wisdom and mercy. These spheres live at our left and right shoulders.

Give us this day our daily bread
This line correlates with our root chakra, our 1st chakra and it is red. Red vibrates with the consciousness of vitality and stamina. The endocrine glands are the ovaries and testes. These glands help us mature so we can reproduce. Other sources say the root chakra governs the adrenal glands because they produce the hormones that help us respond to threats and have the stamina to work for our own survival.

Our daily bread is the light we receive which is needed to sustain and maintain life and learn our lessons. This chakra corresponds to the sphere Malkuth on the tree of life and this sphere is below our feet. In Malkuth we live in the reality we’ve created.

And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors
This line correlates with the solar plexus, our 3rd chakra and it is yellow. Yellow vibrates with the consciousness of focus and concentration. It helps us to be more alert to our circumstances. If we chose to be alert over living in fear, we build confidence instead of weakness. The endocrine gland associated is the adrenal. There are three hormones produced by this pair of glands. They are responsible for activating the
fight or flight response in the body, metabolizing foods, and regulating salt and water. Other sources site the gland inside the pancreas as the endocrine gland governed by the solar plexus. The pancreas is where the starches, fats and proteins are metabolized. This is what provides us with stamina.

To be able to forgive we need to be in a space of safety and feel confident we have learned how not to be taken advantage of. We are always forgiven by our father, and if we are to be like God, we need to do the same with our fellow humans, who are our brothers and sisters. On the tree of  life the solar plexus is associated with Tiphareth, Christ consciousness of compassion and love. This sphere is in the middle of our body.

And lead us not into temptation
This line correlates with our Sacral Chakra, our 2nd chakra and it is orange. Orange vibrates with the consciousness of enthusiasm and motivation. It inspires us to be ambitious and use our talents and power to their fullest extent. Again, the endocrine glands are the ovaries and testes. We are hardwired to procreate and it’s a lot of fun. When we become too attached to the act, we can forget about the other reason we are here; to awaken spiritually. Succumbing to any temptation can slow our evolution
down, making us travel the same path many times before we rise above our attachment to the material world.

On the tree of life the sacral chakra lines up with Yesod, the energy of potential and illusion. This is our prompt to complete our lessons and resolve our karma. Then get back to the task of heading home. The sphere of Yesod is in our pelvis.

But deliver us from evil
This line correlates with the Heart Chakra, our 4th Chakra and it is green. Green vibrates to the consciousness of harmony and balance and living in divine rhythm. The endocrine gland is the thymus. This gland is associated with our immune system. The evil this gland delivers us from is invading cells that
can destroy our bodies. The thymus does it by making killer cells, helper cells and memory cells. Go thymus!

There is other evil in the world that tries to distract us from our mission, which is to evolve and stay strongly connect to the divine. We are meant to be humans for only a time, and staying to long at the party is a big mistake. This chakra lines up with Tiphareth on the tree of life and represents the divine child of the mother and father God. Here we learn about equilibrium and the big picture.

For thine is the kingdom
This line correlates with the Throat Chakra, our 5th chakra and it is blue. Again the endocrine gland is the thyroid. The throat chakra and the thyroid and parathyroid are all about creation, growing and regulating.
Here we are shown that everything belongs to God, even the bodies we wear and the souls we have. It is our destiny to evolve our soul and to return to the kingdom of God as citizens.

And the power
This line correlates with the Crown Chakra, our 7th chakra and it is violet. Again this is the pituitary gland (or pineal gland). Power comes from God through the gift of light. As light shines on our chakras, the endocrine glands are activated and take their wisdom to the body as power. Only then can we use the power to help us learn right from wrong and overcome our weaknesses. It is through our spiritual evolution that our crown chakra opens.

Having this line near the end of the prayer reminds us that we have access to power and can use it to help us grow spiritually as well as physically. To evolve means to be able to hold more light (power) in our consciousness and our body and do great works.

John chapter 14 verse 12. "Truly I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do. And he will do even greater works than these, because I am going to the Father.” Jesus the Christ is telling us how to do it!

And the glory forever and ever
This line correlates to the 3 rd eye, our 6 th chakra and it is indigo. Again, the pineal and or pituitary glands are governed by the 3rd eye chakra. Our minds receive the messages and impressions of the glory of
god. As we accept this truth, and learn who we really are, we can then manifest it in our lives and create heaven on earth. Once we master that, we are off the wheel of earth incarnations and start a whole new adventure in spirit as a celestial being.

And that my friends is what is happening to you every time you say the Lord’s Prayer.

Thank you.

Patty Shaw

Patty Shaw is a registered Spiritual Counselor with the Universal Church of the Masters, CA, a Reiki Master and Transformational Yoga instructor. Her first book, Healers Almanac, Journey into Health with Wisdom from the 21st Century Goddesses was self published. In 2013 her second book, co-written with her sister Jacki Smith, DIY Akashic Wisdom, Access the Library of your Soul was published. Patty lives with her husband and enjoys writing, teaching the Akashic Wisdom healing method and co-owning Coventry Creations and The Candle Wick Shoppe with her sister Jacki Smith. Patty is also the wife of our Rev. David Shaw.
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