Our Ministers

Rev. Keith Norton
For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a connection to the spirit world.  Some of my earliest memories of being a child include seeing and hearing people that were from beyond.  Some people call them ghosts or spirits, but to me, it was a normal part of life.   It was these experiences that made me want to learn more about this unseen world.  As a young child, I used to spend hours reading all I could on the spirit world, and the more I read, the more fascinated I became in learning about it, including, mediumship and Spiritualism. (See More)
 email: RevKeith@coechurch.org

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Rev. Marie Phillips
Rev. Marie has been working with the Angels since she was 7 years old.  From the time she started attending services at Center of Enlightenment in 2011, she has felt it was a special place for her.  She was ordained at Center of Enlightenment on March 19, 2017.  She is known for her Angel readings and spiritual healing. 
email: RevMarie@coechurch.org

Rev. David Shaw
Rev. David has been attending the Center of Enlightenment for more three years and was ordained October 15, 2017. He is currently serving as our President to the Board of Directors and Chairperson of the Membership Committee. Rev. David was certified as a Reiki Master in 1999, as a Spiritual Healer in 2000, and as a Medium in 2016.
​email: RevDavid@coechurch.org

Rev. Carol Willis
Rev. Carol Willis was ordained through the Center of Enlightenment ministerial program. Carol has extensive background in spiritual counseling, metaphysics, prayer and meditation practices, and pastoral care. In addition to Youth and Family Ministry, she’s an accomplished spiritual teacher, public speaker, and event planner. 
email: RevCarol@coechurch.org

Our Center of Enlightenment Ministers

From Left to Right

​Reverends David Shaw, Marie Phillips, Ken Nowaczewski, Keith Norton, and Carol Willis. 

Rev. Ken Nowaczewski
Rev. Ken is one of the original founding members of the Center of Enlightenment. He was ordained in 1981. He has stepped down from Senior Minister, but still is a spiritual medium, a proficient psychic healer, and a vision keeper. Rev. Ken heads the seminary training program, teaches ministry courses, spiritual mediumship, and spiritual healing classes. In addition, he offers unique wedding ceremonial services, sacred prayer blessings, and holy baptisms. 
email: RevKen@coechurch.org