Our Required Classes

CoE Certified Healer

Basic Spiritual Healing  facilitator Rev.  Ken Nowaczewski

This course is about the healing practices and Michigan Law for Spiritual Healers and Spiritualism. 

Spiritual Anatomy

CoE Certified Medium

Mediumship facilitator Rev.  Ken Nowaczewski

This intensive workshop explains the different types of Mediumship, Trans, and other necessary information for future CoE Mediums.

Discovering Your Main Five Guides 
Delve deeper into who your main guides in this workshop as an addition to the Mediumship Workshop with your Doctor Guide, Joy Guide, and others.

CoE Deaconship

Basic Pastoral Care
It aims to equip students with the confidence, skills and knowledge required to support someone in their spiritual walk with particular emphasis on communication skills, safe practices, self-care and solution-based counsel. As well as this students will be equipped to help people in areas of crisis or challenge by attending sessions on mental health, suicide, homosexuality, marriage breakdown and many more.

​​​Introduction to the Seance facilitator  Rev. Keith Norton
This course will work to understand the etiquette of the Seance as well as participating in a Seance.

Life Between Lives
​Learn what was our existence like before Earthly life and after physical death.

Sermon Writing / Public Speaker facilitator ​ Rev. Keith Norton
​Learn how to prepare and write your sermons along with the steps for public speaking.

Spiritual Economics facilitator  Rev. Carol Willis

CoE Minister

​Counseling Workshop facilitator Rev. Ken Nowaczewski

This course an interactive workshop that brings in the counseling aspect of being a minister.

Death & Dying
This interactive course brings in the transition part of our lives and the workings of the funeral rites of Spiritualism.

Ministerial Development facilitator Rev. Ken Nowaczewski

This is a basic course on the laws of being a Spiritualist Minister as well as an interactive workshop on developing your spiritual education.

Non-Violent Communication facilitator Rev. Carol Willis

This course offers wonderful interactions about dealing with conflict in non-violent ways along with different ways to communication in a healthy manor.

Our Core Classes

12 Steps of Consciousness facilitator Rev. Ken Nowaczewski

This course is geared to take you from entering the silence very rapidly to mastery of yourself. There will be guided meditations along with recordings to take home and use.

Comparative Religion facilitator Rev. David Shaw
This course centers on the key elements of Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Spiritualism and many more. Students will also be required to present a 10 to 15 min discussion on the following choices: Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, or Sikhism.

Introduction of Chakras facilitators Rev. Keith Norton and Rev. Marie Phillips
This course centers on the Chakras as energy centers within our subtle anatomy that govern the distribution and flow of prana (energy or life force) through our system. This class is great to go forward into the Healing Program.

Practical Metaphysics  
Spiritualism 101 facilitator Rev.Keith Norton
This course answers the questions about the basic Science, Philosophy, and Religion of Spiritualism along with the beginnings of Modern Spiritualism. 

Our Elective Classes

33 Universal Laws facilitator  Rev. Marie Phillips

This course is based on the 33 Universal Laws and how to incorporate them into everyday life. 

Angel Workshop facilitator Rev.  Marie Phillips
This workshop explains who Angels are, how they can assist you in your daily life, and how to connect and work with the Angels.

Mindful Meditation

​​Power Animals facilitator  Rev. Keith Norton
This course will work to understand the ties to certain animals, what their properties are, and how they relate to life.

​Recycled? (Reincarnation) facilitator Rev. Ken Nowaczewski

This course helps explain how what you bring into the home, environment, and the clothes chosen to wear all point to past lives and how they unfolded. Workbooks will be provided along with a dream journal.

Sacred Space 
This course teaches how to create a meditation space within your home. Learn about the sacred spaces within the United States and also recognizing other sacred spaces.

Social Media facilitator Lisa Argo

This is a basic course in different types of social media: networking, blogging, and sharing. Lisa is a minister candidate and has certifications in web design, HTML and Microsoft Office.

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Spiritual Growth and Personal Renewal

In 2018, our Education Committee is reviewing our ordination and educational goals and tracks. Please plan on revisiting this page for updates and classes currently available.