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Here is a preview of our classes...

​The Education Committee (Chair: Rev. Keith Norton, Senior Minister: Rev. Ken Nowaczewski, Rev. Carol Willis, Rev. Marie Phillips, Rev. David Shaw, and Lisa Argo)  have been meeting and working very hard on the goals and identies of the staff of the Center of Enlightenment. We have defined classes and where they fit to fulfill the needs of the students and CoE as a whole. Here is an outline of the class and tiers. 

Educational Paths
CoE Core – Level 100
12 Steps to Higher Consciousness
33 Natural Laws
Comparative Religion
Spiritualism 101

Deacon – Level 400
9 Spiritual Principles
Basic Pastoral Care
Introduction to Séance
Non-Violent Communication
Practical Metaphysics
Spiritual Economics
Sermon Writing / Public Speaking
2 Electives

Minister – Level 500*
Counseling Workshop
Death & Dying
Ministerial Development
2 Electives
*Minister level is an applied for program.

Education Committee

The Education Committee has completed the first phase of our class list. The actual descriptions will come so make sure you bookmark this page!

We have restructured the classes according to where they enhance the goals of the student.

Watch for handbooks and more information at CoE and here, on the website.  

Class List from the Education Committee

Healer – Level 200                                Medium – Level 300

                                                                  Basic Spiritual Healing                               Mediumship
                                                                 Introduction to Chakras                        Mindful Meditation
                                                                         2 Electives                             Discovering Your Spirit Guides
                                                                                                                                               2 Electives